Up To 75% Off Origami Owl Promo Codes, Coupons & Discounts 2020

Origami Owl Promo Codes 2020

Origami Owl is a US the owners of multilevel marketing customized jewelry firm working in the U.S, Canada & Puerto Rico. The business was started in 2010 by Isabella “Bella” Weems at the age of 14. The firm has over 60000 unbiased product sales experts who buy stuff and tools from the provider and market items to peoplemostly at in-house salespeople. The key item is the “Living Locket”, a clear-faced flat necklace which can be filled with a number of charms that are supposed to know a story.


At age 14, Isabella “Bella” Weems launched the business in 2010 with the guidance of her mom “Chrissy” Weems and dad Warren Weems. Planning to make enough funds to purchase a car for her sixteenth birthday, Weems used $350 she store from babysitting and $350 her mom and dad, Chrissy and Warren, offered her to begin her company. Her mom agreed to be her company partner, although she presently is not employed by the firm.

Weems actually used classic glass lockets bought on the internet and items of jewelry, gemstones, and others stuff to fill them. Chrissy and Bella Weems start selling the lockets at events at their home and in 2011 hired a kiosk in the shopping mall to promote from. Not able to pay rent, they acquired a loan from a family friend that permitted them to carry on their company long enough to get sufficient income. After one and a half years, they converted the business into a direct sales product.

Origami Owl Promo Codes

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The business runs a direct sales product which uses private product sales consultants. The company offers products and tools to the professionals and gets a percentage of their profits. As of 2015, the company markets through above 60000 independent product sales members (which the firm calls “independent designers”), mostly using in-home functions. Consultants get kits from the supplier, such as charms, chains, and lockets, to make their own accessories to sell. Consultants are usually females in their 30s.

The business is owned by the Weems family members and a variety of professionals were good friends. Weems’ uncle John was vice president of IT and Weems’ aunty, Jessica, worked in advertising. Weems’ uncle, Jeff Reinhart, is COO. Jeff Reinhart exchanged John Weems as COO. However Isabella Weems launched the company, she performed as an intern for it after secondary school graduation. Chrissy Weems, Bella’s mom, is the current Owner and Co-founder of the business.

Weems produced and designed the company’s first line of items, such as its main product, the “Living Locket”. The lockets are apparent, hollow pendants which are often filled with a mixture of charms. The necklaces are made to allow people to “tell their personal story with a locket.” In July 2017, Chrissy Weems became CEO.


Origami Owl cherishes group and that’s furthermore how we check our staff and Private Designers. When you go to O2’s home office in Chandler, Arizona, you’ll see “The Nest” is a spot filled with helpful faces, loving hearts and lots of joy. Our values are not only words. It’s the key of who we are.
Expect night parties, originality, private work in the area and times that enjoy our unique tradition!

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Origami Owl- Each Locket Shows A Storyline:

Get a $25 Gift Card To Tell Your Personal Story!

Many people tell their thoughts with words; Origami Owl enables you to tell your history with charms! You can choose from lots of charms to build your locket reveal you and your own style. This amazing line of customized jewelry makes wonderful gifts for any ages. Many of the most preferred designs include a mother’s necklace, bridal, sports, school/college spirit, and recreational activities.

Origami Owl was started off by 14-year-old Isabella in 2010, in order to spare enough cash to buy her first car. She started with house parties, craft shows, and a mall kiosk. Right now, Origami Owl is a countrywide business in which you get the chance to buy online, arrange a party, host an online event, or even became a stylish yourself.


Origami Owl NECKLACES:

Buy our range of must-have necklaces, ideal for layering! Make an appearance that’s all YOU with our stylish statement items, necklaces to uplift and motivate, and signature items you’ll really like for everyday use.

Origami Owl EARRINGS:

Set the final touch on your look with some of these gorgeous Earrings.


cover your personal story and select a Plate or Window that talks to you.

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How can I care for my ORIGAMI OWL Necklaces, Earrings & Jewelry Items?

Deal with carefully: The glass on the “Living Lockets” is sensitive can crack. Deal with carefully.

Stay away from water: Always take out the jewelry before getting into the water. Living Lockets are not water-resistant.

Polishing: Our jewelry item consists of real metals will purely tarnish with time. To make it look as well as new, softly rub all parts with dry polishing fabrics in a circular movement until glow is restored. To polish the Key sterling silver jewelry pieces, apply a sterling silver waxing cloth.

Remove: Remove the jewelry item when you use harsh toxins, using beauty products or fragrance and prevent extreme cold or heat.

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